Park Lane Casino Games Library

Casino Park Lane is probably best known in the industry for its innovative I-Slots games, which combine interactive stories with state-of-the-art slots. However, that’s not all Park Lane has to offer. Indeed, from classic table games like blackjack and baccarat to some of the most popular types of video poker games, this casino really has it all.

Slot Machine Games

In addition to its I-Slots games, Park Lane has dozens of variations of classic slot machine games. With 1950s themes on Doo-Wop Daddy-O and romantic stories on Moonlight Mystery, players have lots of exciting graphics and animations to entertain with for hours. Many of the games offered have little things that add to the fun of playing. Joker symbols, multipliers, dispersal symbols and others will help keep players interested when they are looking for big jackpots.

Classic table games

Although slot machines are certainly the most popular online betting games, when people think of casinos, they always think of table games first. At Park Lane Casino, players can find all the classic casino games like craps, poker, and multi-hand blackjack. The casino offers both the American and European versions of roulette, as well as several different types of poker games like Three Card and Caribbean Stud. There is even a version of the War card game in which players can win or lose money in an instant. Although Park Lane casino has plenty to offer you, when it comes to European roulette or table games, you might want to turn to the country that is the birthplace of these prominent games, France. There is an abundance of French online casinos that can make you rich in no time, only if you tend to engage only with reputable, trustworthy establishments. Take a quick tour to the best legal casino sites in France, and make the difference immediately.

Special Games

Finally, Park Lane has also developed some specialty games for the enjoyment of its customers. It features a special Sudoku game in which players can earn money for each box they fill. Bingo and Keno games are also available for lottery purists. There are even scratch cards online to instantly earn thousands of dollars. With so many different offers, Park Lane players are sure to find a betting game they’ll enjoy.

At the majority of casinos such as Park Lane, whether they are online or not, punters will find Roulette. There are not many rules to know to play this game, since almost everything is based on the knowledge of the types of bets available on the table and on how to make a bet. First of all, the goal in the game is to bet where the ball will land when you turn the wheel. There are two main types of compartment colors, red and black, and each has its own number.

Roulette on Park Lane Casino

When a player bets on the Roulette online, he must decide whether he wants to bet on a specific number, on whether the ball lands on an even or odd number, on the fact that the ball will land on a compartment between the numbers 1-12, or on a cert groin column of numbers on the table. There is also the option to bet on the color of the location where the ball will land, or on the fact that it will land only on compartment 0 green. There are also internal bets, which allow the player to bet on specific numbers, and external bets, to bet on several other options.

Betting on roulette depends on the minimum allowed at the table and whether the player bets inside or outside. Internal bets allow the player to accumulate his bets, which means that he can place multiple bets that reach at least the minimum of the table or he can bet the minimum on a single number. External bets do not allow cumulative bets, so each bet must make at least the minimum required on the table. Internal and external bets can be combined.

When playing Roulette online at Park Lane Casino, players don’t have to look at the dealer to find out when they can place a bet or not. Also, there is no way for the player to accidentally place bets below the table limit during internal bets. Both of these advantages can help punters avoid the embarrassment of making a blunder in front of other people. Playing online is also something excellent, when you want to try different strategies without having to spend real money.