Frequently Asked Questions


What does UTARPA stand for?

When UTARPA was first formed, the founding executives wanted to pool their common interests together to form a club that served both the Japanese Animation and RPG communities of UofT. UTARPA was born in May of 1995 as the University of Toronto Anime and Role-Playing Association. But over time, the RPG element became less feasible and was dropped. However the name has stuck and we are now known just as UTARPA, the oldest established anime club in Toronto.


What is UTARPA’s mandate?

UTARPA’s mandate is to provide and promote Japanese Animation (better known as anime) primarily in the city of Toronto. To that end we have anime showings at least once a month, lasting 5 1/2 to 6 hours, during which, members gather to watch, well.. what else? anime… Our shows includes a raffle draw of anime related products and prizes that are usually donated by local merchants or members.


Is the club membership restricted to only University of Toronto students?

Absolutely not! In fact, UofT students are in the minority. The demographics of our membership range from high school students right up to, well, let’s just say they were around when “Battle of the Planets” was airing on TV. ^_~ We welcome all individuals of all ages and interests to come and enjoy our club, so feel free to invite your friends from other schools, universities or even from work. It’s more fun when you share the experience with your friends.


What is UTARPA’s policy on show content?

This is an important question, especially to parents who want to control what their kids are watching. UTARPA does its very best to screen most questionable titles prior to the show itself. And because of differences in what is socially acceptable in Japan and in Canada, we modify our play schedule accordingly. As such, any titles we feel that are more mature in nature, are pushed towards the end of the night, which usually means that such titles start at about 11:00pm.


Why do you charge membership?

Membership fees are collected to strictly fund the operation of our club. UTARPA is a non-profit organization and as such, any money made from memberships and raffle draws goes directly back into the club. Our operation costs include room, AV equipment rental (and other associated costs), raffle prizes, and special events (like the Sailor Moon Voice Actors [Dec ’97]).


Do you have a fan sub library?

No, UTARPA does not have a fansub library.


Can I get copies of what you show?

UTARPA does not offer copies of the programmes we show, or sell anything at our showings. However, some of the programmes are commercially distributed in Canada, and can be purchased from many local stores. Please see our supporters page.

Check the Anime Web Turnpike for information on Fansubs


How do you select the anime you show?

Well, the methods vary… Usually we use a dart board or consult mystical enchanted bunnies. Other times we get together at exec meetings and whomever can shout their choice the loudest wins. Finally, if those methods fail, we resort to membership input (see next question)


I want to see <insert your favourite anime title here>!

Anime titles can be requested at our showings. During every show, you will find a request sheet located at our front desk. Just fill out the sheet with your pick. Our staff usually refer to this list after our dart board and enchanted bunnies fail us.

Occasionally, a formal questionnaire is also distributed at shows. Please take the time to fill these out as both the request list and questionnaire directly influence our decisions in what anime titles we show.

All members are welcome to attend exec. meetings where we choose what will be shown each month. If you would like to attend a meeting just ask at the desk when the next meeting will take place.

10 What is the UTARPA Exec? Can I join?

The UTARPA Exec are a group of volinteers who run the club.

– Members UTARPA Exec are unpaid.
– Must be members of UTARPA (pay the same fee as a regular member).
– Be willing to attend 1-2 meeting a month on top of the monthly showings, as well as perform other duties.
– Exec members may not enter the raffel.
– Since UTARPA is an offical Uof T club senior exec must be UofT students or alumni, the general body is open to all members who wish to help.

If you are intrested in attending one of our meetings, would like to join, or would like more information you can talk to us at one the the shows or drop us an email at

11 How do I join UTARPA?

If you would like to join UTARPA just come to our next show. You can buy your membership at the door, the price is only $6 for 3 months.

You can find the date of our next showing on the Home page, and directions to the show on the Location page.